Before we do anything, it is important that we take a close look at your operation, speak with your managers, formulate and/or confirm hypotheses, and establish a baseline.  If we discover that there is ample opportunity for our work to provide you with a generous return on investment, we will offer you a proposal at the conclusion of our assessment.

Brief Case Study

There is a successful landscaping company in Vermont that, not so long ago, was at a crossroads.  It seemed to the owner that his company had bumped up against an invisible ceiling through which they could not manage to break.  The business was healthy and marketable, customers were generally happy, but the owner was frustrated with his profit margin and inability to grow larger to take on new customers. 

There was a convenient and highly visible spot of land that would be ideal to relocate his headquarters, but at its current pace, the business could not support it.  Should he sell his company, or find a new path forward?

Waypoint conducted a cost/profit analysis of his current operations.  The results revealed several areas that were either consuming or tying up his operating capital.  The owner had been previously unaware of these because he had simply gotten used to doing business a certain way.

With renewed energy and hope, the owner made the adjustments, increased his margin, and made the investment in the new property and building.  The business thrived, customers developed more pride and loyalty, and it became relatively easy to attract new customers.

Sometimes, it just takes an objective eye, a detailed study, and a plan to change your daily grind into your dream business.