Often, when productivity is sagging, senior managers tend to point to under performance of their people. The truth is, almost nobody comes to work to do a bad or half-baked job. They are probably as frustrated as you. Let Waypoint help you with this. Our work will provide your frontline managers with the right information, at the right time, to make the right decisions. We typically see a 10-30% improvement in productivity following our collaborative projects.

Brief Case Study

There is a large and successful health care system – the preferred provider to its region.  They  offered strong leadership, a fine faculty and staff, and a good reputation for quality of care.  Some time ago, they were faced with  a significant need for a facility upgrade and expansion.  However, their existing cost structure would not support such an investment at their current operating levels.

Following a thorough analysis, Waypoint was able to reveal that there were moderate to severe staffing overages in many of the hospital departments.  This had been accepted, or gone unnoticed, because at the time, a common health care perception was, “more people provide better care.”  Waypoint was able to show that this was a false perception, and that the right perception is, the right number of people provide the best care.

Another contributing factor to this problem was that, in many cases, the department managers were good leaders that were developed from being great technicians, with virtually no management training.  “They didn’t know what they didn’t know.”

Waypoint helped these folks to focus on the right information, at the right time, to make the right decisions, in order to manage their departments much more effectively – never compromising the quality of care or patient service.

After one year of work, this healthcare system embarked on corrected management path, saving over $12 million annually.