Waypoint Announces New Website and Opening of a 2nd Office in Burlington, Vermont!

Exciting News – The new Waypoint Management Services website has launched!   We’ve upgraded the designs and images to give you and all our collaborative partners an exceptional viewer experience, up-to-date content, and a simple, convenient way to learn more about services that will help your business and connect with us.

In January 2022, to better serve the Burlington, Vermont-based businesses and the surrounding Chittenden County area, a 2nd office was opened at the collaborative and inspiring Hula Lakeside facility on Burlington’s waterfront. Here at Hula, we will host client meetings and conferences. We will still be open for business and taking meetings at the Addison County Economic Development offices in Middlebury.

Waypoint’s mission is to help you navigate the right course for your unique business model by helping you reset your operating alignment to your goals.  We will help guide you to your full potential with strategic business analytics and frontline management training. We bring to you professional objectivity, eye-opening discovery, cost-saving alternatives, and confidence-building confirmations so that you may sooner attain your goals.

Are you ready to Reflect, Evaluate, Strategize, Execute, and Transform your business into the best version of itself for 2022 and beyond? If your is answer yes, let’s connect for a complimentary consultation.  We’ll discuss together ways to assess your current operation, tools that may help you to reduce waste, improve productivity, and reset your business for a better and brighter future.